Your business needs a security checkup today!

Operating in the Philippines?

Navigating the tech world in the Philippines can be a daunting challenge.

With over 15 years of experience in procurement, configuration, and implementation with hardware, software, and bandwidth vendors in the Philippines, our services are unmatched in both stability and value.

What is Data Sovereignty?

Data sovereignty is the ultimate ownership and access control over data generated and/or stored by your company.

Why is it necessary?

Your data is your most valuable asset. All data is potentially valuable to malicious actors--regardless of whether it originates from your employees, your customers, or the customers of your customers.

Are you protected?

Most organizations are willing to put unfathomable amounts of personally-identifiable information (PII) into insecure public cloud storage. This often results in non-compliance and legal responsibility.
Ralf Himself

J. R. (Ralf) Lenz

MSME Tech Architect

With over 30 years in the tech sector, Ralf Lenz specializes in bringing enterprise technology to small and medium-sized organizations.

As a lifetime advocate of data sovereignty, he counsels small and medium enterprises through the process of building technology stacks and avoiding the pitfalls, growing costs, and security risks associated with overdependence on as-a-Service (*aaS) providers.